Tasty, creamy drinks, smoothies, shots, tea make you healthy and beautiful

Healthy Drinks: Nutritious & Tasty!

If you want to be healthy, you should drink about 2-3 liters of fluid a day. No wonder that the human body consists of 50-70% water by weight! Moreover, in infants, this percentage reaches 87% of body weight, and in old people, it decreases to 50%. But what kind of liquid should you drink?

Someone drinks coffee all day long and believes that the body receives enough liquid, someone prefers sweet soda, and someone prefers to drink alcohol. It’s time to learn about the healthiest drinks for the body.

Super Healthy Drinks to Add to Your Diet

Healthy Drinks

High-quality mineralized water takes the first place in this rating. You can also drink tap water, but it should always pass through a quality filter.

If you want to have normal digestion, it is necessary to consume dairy products: kefir, yogurt, and so on. They improve the intestinal microflora and are absorbed much better than milk. The organisms of many people, especially with age, cannot digest lactose, which is found in milk, and therefore, such people should prefer fermented milk drinks.

Herbal teas (such as peppermint) are also very helpful. If you add a rosehip, raisins or dried fruits to such a tea, you will get a well-known super healthy drink from ancient times. This is the kind of drink our great-great-grandmothers made. It contains a lot of beneficial microelements and vitamins. It can always be prepared in different ways, using new combinations of ingredients.

Green tea is another healthy drink in our list. It strengthens the heart and blood vessels, prevents cancer diseases and removes harmful toxins from the body. By the way, today it is fashionable to use the South American drink “mate”, which is also useful. It is made from dried, crushed leaves and young shoots of the Paraguayan holly. Mate contains less caffeine than tea and coffee, while it has 156 active vitamins and minerals. This drink is considered tonic and energy.

If we talk about juices in general, then, first of all, you need to drink those prepared from berries and fruits growing in our country. These are carrot, pumpkin, peach, apricot – they contain a large amount of pectin and carotenoids – the precursors of vitamin A. No doubts, apple and pear are useful, as well as all the juices from the berries. Cabbage and beetroot have invaluable healing properties, therefore they have always been used in traditional medicine.

Do not forget about tomato juice. It contains a lot of glucose and fructose, organic acids, vitamins and trace elements. Some substances contained in this juice have an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effect. In addition, tomato juice helps the body to produce serotonin – “the hormone of joy.” Tomato juice is contraindicated only to those who are allergic to “red” products or suffer from heartburn.

Cranberry juice is also useful. During illness, it is often able to replace the antibiotic due to its high benzoic acid content.

Finally, cocoa and chocolate can improve the tone of the body and combat depression. These drinks have high levels of serotonin, therefore, contribute to a good mood. However, remember that you need to drink only high-quality cocoa and chocolate, not cheap candy from low-grade ingredients.

Finally, we want to mention drinks that should be either completely eliminated from the diet or significantly limited. These are alcohol, energy drinks that are popular today, as well as sweet carbonated drinks. They negatively affect digestion and the state of the whole body.

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