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Healthy Foods in the USA – Quality, Rates, Availability

Healthy Foods in the USA - Quality, Rates, AvailabilityIn the United States, there are a huge number of supermarkets and farms where you can buy various goods: from the cheapest to the most expensive. Consumers are not limited in their ability to choose what they like. What shops do Americans prefer and what price are they willing to pay for quality food? And how Americans pay for them? Some of people select different lending options such as a payday loan Massachusetts. The link will redirect you to the trustworthy information about available financial options. It also contains reviews of clients who have previously issued payday loans either online or offline.

Grocery chains – Walmart, Food Lion, Publix, Lowe’s, Kroger

These stores operate in every state of America including Massachusetts. All of them are united by similar products of the same price category. Prices are low, and so is the quality of the goods. Convenient shopping for non-judgmental shoppers.

Jerry working as nurse (32, Massachusetts) believes that after a hard day’s work there is no time to “go shopping.” She collects a basket of necessary products, not caring about quality, thereby saving her precious time.

Quality Low/medium
Prices Low (eggs – $ 2 for 12 pcs, meat – $ 4-6 per kg, milk – $ 2 per gallon (3.79 l), bread – $ 1-2)
Availability High (within a radius of 1 km at least three supermarkets of the same type)

Grocery chains – Whole foods, Earth Fair, Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter

These stores sell organic products that are very rare in category 1 supermarkets. These stores do not have a wide network in the United States. Many of them are located far from each other and from where consumers live.

If such standard goods as water, dishwashing detergents and clothes can be purchased much cheaper in the stores of the first category, then, when it comes to food, the consumer has a choice: price or quality.

Natalia, lawer (29, Lynn, MA) believes that it is profitable to spend extra money for the sake of health. Her shopping pathway is complicated by the search for healthier foods.

Quality Higher than average
Prices High (organic eggs – $ 4 for 12 pcs, organic meat – $ 8-10 per kg, organic milk – $ 4 for half a gallon (1.89 l), bread – $ 2-4)
Availability Low (maximum one supermarket within a radius of 1 km)

Farmers markets

The availability of such markets depends on the season, as does the choice of products presented in them.

In apple season, you cannot find strawberries, and in strawberry season you will not find apples. All this restricts consumer choice and forces them to return to supermarkets. Farmers’ markets are a great find for the demanding clients, but a waste of money and time for the average American.

Quality High
Prices High (eggs – $ 5 for 12 pcs, meat – $ 10-15 per kg, milk – $ 5 for half a gallon (1.89 l), fresh bread – $ 4-5)
Availability Low (multiple markets in the same city)


To get to this “luxury” service, the consumer will need a lot of patience, gasoline and the desire to taste natural food. Here you will find fresh eggs, milk and meat. The big plus is that farmers often supply their produce to local markets.

Quality Very high
Prices High (eggs – $ 5 for 12 pcs, meat – $ 10-15 per kg, milk – $ 5 for half a gallon (1.89 l), fresh bread – $ 4-5)
Availability Low