Tasty, creamy drinks, smoothies, shots, tea make you healthy and beautiful

Smoothies: Rejuice&Reduce

Smoothie is not an ordinary cocktail, it differs from other beverages by a much higher density. Due to its density and the presence of a significant amount of fiber, it is able to saturate the body, as a result of which a person does not feel hunger for at least two hours. In addition, the energy value of most of these unique cocktails is extremely low. These properties allow you to effectively use smoothies for weight loss. As they say, Rejuice&Reduce!

Guide to making healthy smoothies

How to make a smoothie for losing weight

There are several options for making thick cocktails for losing weight. The most effective but difficult option is a weekly diet when a thick cocktail replaces several meals for 7 days. Another way is to arrange a fasting day and drink a smoothie. However, the easiest and most common method is to replace dinner or lunch with a smoothy. But even if you do not want to follow a diet, replacing the buns and pies with healthy smoothies will benefit your body and help you lose weight.

However, those who plan to use smoothies for weight loss should know a few things that will help achieve the intended goal.

  • Not all smoothie recipes are suitable for dealing with obesity. Products such as bananas, ice cream, cream, sugar, significantly increase the calorie content of the cocktail and do not contribute to weight loss. Choose drink options that do not include the above products;
  • Do not add salt or sugar to the smoothie. Sugar increases the caloric content of the drink, salt retains fluid in the body. They both contribute to gaining weight but not to weight loss. If sweet fruit is not enough for you, you can add some honey to the cocktail. Instead of salt, use spices that promote fat burning;
  • If you definitely want to increase the calorie smoothies and make it even more satisfying, while continuing to lose weight, add oatmeal or buckwheat flakes to it;
  • For better satiation, do not drink smoothies but eat it with a teaspoon. Then the feeling of fullness comes faster. Otherwise, you swallow a cocktail before you stop feeling hungry. In this case, one portion of the drink may not be enough for you;
  • Nuts are also able to make smoothies more satisfying and improve its taste. They increase the calorie content of the cocktail and are also very useful. Therefore, they can be included in the diet, even if you keep a diet for weight loss;
  • To make a smoothie for losing weight more effective, you can add natural fat burners (cinnamon, ginger) to it.

Super-Healthy Smoothie Recipes

best smoothies

Berry Smoothie

You will need:

  • oatmeal – 20 g;
  • berries (blueberries, cherries or cranberries) – 100 g;
  • yogurt or kefir 1% fat – 140 ml.

Pour boiling water over oatmeal and let it brew. Blend berries, yogurt or kefir and oatmeal in a blender.

Apple Smoothie

You will need:

  • oatmeal – 30–40 g;
  • apple sour varieties – 1 pc.
  • cinnamon – to taste;
  • lemon juice – 3-4 drops.

Pour boiling water on oatmeal and let stand 10 minutes. Сhop the apple and add it in a blender. Mix oatmeal and apple, add lemon juice and cinnamon.

Avocado Smoothie

You will need:

  • oatmeal – 30–40 g;
  • avocado – 1 pc;
  • lemon – ½ pcs;
  • cucumber – 1 pc;
  • garlic – 1 clove;
  • greens (parsley, mint, cilantro);
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Pour boiling water over oatmeal and let it brew for 10 minutes. Peel the avocado, remove the bone, cut into small pieces. Cut the cucumber into pieces. Grind the greens. Add a clove of garlic, salt, pepper and juice of half a lemon. Mix everything in a blender.

Pear Banana Smoothie

You will need:

  • bananas, pears – 2 pcs;
  • yogurt or kefir 1% fat – 140 ml;
  • hazelnut – 20 g;
  • cinnamon – to taste.

Cut the pears and bananas into small pieces. Put them in a blender and add hazelnuts. Pour kefir or yogurt and blend. Add cinnamon.

Banana Orange Smoothie

You will need:

  • bananas, oranges – 2 pcs;
  • almonds – 50 g;
  • water – 2 tbsp.;
  • cinnamon, ginger – to taste;
  • lemon juice – 1 tbsp.

Cut bananas and oranges into slices. Add almonds, ginger, cinnamon and lemon juice. Mix everything in a blender. Add cold water to the mixture.
It’s easy to make a smoothie for losing weight. You only need to choose the right ingredients that will help reduce excess weight.