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Fresh Alcohol or Alcohol-Free Shots

The so-called layered cocktails (shots) today are not just popular – they are an integral part of modern bar culture.

What are the shots?

A layered cocktail or shot is a cocktail where the ingredients are arranged in layers in a glass, so to speak, in an unmixed state. This type of cocktails was invented by the French and called them as a pousse-cafe, which translates not very harmoniously – “push through coffee”. The fact is that all shots are generally considered to be digestifs since their reception has a positive effect on digestion. In France, drinks “after coffee” were drunk in the 19 century. And they drank them just through silver tubes or straws.

Virtually every shot as the main ingredient includes liqueurs – they soften the taste and also have the necessary density so that you can beautifully lay out the layers. Grenadine syrup is added to many-layered cocktails, which is the heaviest ingredient, but the lightest is whipped cream, which is often used in many shots. In principle, it is not difficult to prepare layered cocktails, but it is still recommended to have some knowledge and skills.Alcohol and Alcohol-Free Shots

How to make a shot?

  • Choose a few different liqueurs and, if you prefer, syrups (like grenadine) that you think will make your multi-layered cocktail intriguing or traditional.
  • Determine the specific weight of various liquors and other ingredients.
  • Arrange the various liqueurs and other ingredients according to their specific gravity so that they can be sequentially poured.
  • Determine how much each ingredient should take in a shot or liqueur glass.
  • Start pouring the first layer. Start pouring the first layer.
  • Carefully pour the second ingredient on top of the first, trying not to disturb it.
  • Allow the different layers to stabilize for a while, then serve.


  • When you finish making layers, you can completely fill a bar spoon of Bacardi 151 or similar liquor, which contains a lot of alcohol and set it on fire, holding the flame below. Then turn the spoon over and pour the flame over the top of the cocktail. Use grenadine, white coffee liqueur and blue curacao for this cocktail called the Flaming Patriot.
  • Switch off the flame before drinking a cocktail.
  • The use of the term “pousse-cafe” is not common in France. In France, this term is used in relation to brandy or another digestif (no layers), sometimes used after coffee at the end of a meal.
  • In large glasses easier to pour, so they can be used for convenience.
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails can be made with delicious, colorful syrups and cream.
  • If the layers are slightly mixed, leave the shot alone for a while.
  • Use the bar spoon with the plastic button on the end, remove the button before using it for layered cocktails.
  • You may need to wash the spoon before pouring the next layer to remove the residue of the previous ingredient.
  • Try to allow a line or drop of grenadine to flow through the top layer. This will create an elegant visual effect, especially if the top layer is very thin.
  • If you pour in very narrow or small glasses, then pour on the handle of the bar spoon, since the convex part of the spoon may not fit into the glass. When using large glasses, or when pouring the top layer, then pour over the convex part of the spoon.