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7 Tips for Making a Creamy Smoothie

Creamy Smoothie

  1. Do not add too much water, otherwise, instead of a creamy cocktail, you will get liquid jelly. For the taste and color of the smoothie were rich, the consistency of the smoothie must be thick enough.
  2. Even texture is the key to success. To make the smoothies really tasty, it is important to get either a powerful blender or patience. In a green smoothie should not float pieces of green, and soaked dates or dried apricots should be mixed with water to a creamy texture. Proper smoothies are like yogurt or milkshake. Wrong smoothies seem a mixture like water salad.
  3. Do not mix dark greens with berries. If you want to put spinach in a smoothie with strawberries, be ready that instead of a beautiful smoothie you get a swamp. It won’t be easy to make friends and loved ones try your cocktail. It is possible to change the color by means of berries with strong pigments – blueberries, blackberries, currants.
  4. Cold but not icy. I have not met people who like warm smoothies – it is tastier to drink a cold cocktail. If your blender heats up the contents a little during work, add water from the refrigerator to the smoothie, not at room temperature. Frozen berries will also add coolness. I also like to mix frozen bananas in smoothies (pre-peeled, sliced and sent to the freezer) – the cocktail is thicker, almost like soft ice cream.
  5. Sweetness is an indispensable part of any smoothie. The most universal of the sweet ingredients are bananas. They add sweetness and creamy texture, as well as perfectly combined with any berries and greens. Avocados will add a creamy texture, but for the sweetness, you will need to add a natural sweetener – honey, Jerusalem artichoke syrup or maple syrup. Soaked dates or dried apricots can be added to chocolate smoothies with cocoa for sweetness. Pears and ripe mangoes are also suitable for a sweet smoothie.
  6. Add nut milk instead of cow milk. Mixing cow’s milk with fruits, berries or greens, we get a combination that is hard enough for digestion, which will not bring the body good. To achieve the taste and consistency of a milkshake, it is possible with the help of nut milk, which is much better combined with fruits and greens. Everyone can make nut milk by himself – it is enough to have a blender and unroasted almonds or hazelnuts in the kitchen.
  7. Stop in time. Experiments are interesting and exciting, but overly complex combinations do not always lead to success. As a rule, the composition of the ideal smoothie includes no more than five main ingredients.
    • Almond milk + strawberry + banana + cherry;
    • Almond milk + spinach + celery + banana.

It is enough to find your favorite combination, and you can at least every day to cook the same recipe.

✩ Professional blenders quickly mix frozen berries and fruits with water, so the final drink does not become very cold. Less powerful blenders blend worse and may result in an icy drink. Too cold food reflects badly on our digestion, so always let the drink warm up a little or eat it with a teaspoon and warm it in your mouth.